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Le Huard is published only in French but you will find below an executive summary of the articles published in the last issues:

Vol.28 No.2 December 2017

- Micheline Van Erum gives a short summary of last summer's general meeting
- Pierre Cossette gives an update about high speed internet at the lake. A new supplier, FILAU, should provide a new solution soon.
- Luce Pellerin reports on the Méchoui and the lake swim meet.
- Jean Rainville describes the forest operations visit of last summer.

Vol.28 No.1 June 2017

- Micheline Van Erum announces the annual meeting date, July 2, 2017
- The highest mountain in the region, just East of lac Sauvage is now named officially "Mont Grand'Maison"
- Pierre Cossette tells the story of the Grand'Maison family in the region
- Luce announces the return of the lake swim meet at the labour day weekend

Vol.27 No.2 August 2016

- at the annual meeting, many members complained about the cars speeding around the lake, dogs not kept on leash, noise and fireworks
- the pilot project to put large garbage containers at the bottom of the hill is on hold for now
- the 2016 edition of the mechoui is at Jean-Claude Barbe's place on August 27, 4 PM and the crossing of the lake is on September 4, 10:30 AM
- water analysis report is in and everything is OK as usual
- Pierre Cossette gives an update on wood harvesting in our sector
- Denise McCabe summarizes an excellent article about the costs associated with the presence of "myriophylle à épis"
- Some information about the internet service offered by Bell Mobility
- Some trails are being cleaned and some new trails opened by four members calling themselves the "trail committee"

Vol.27 No.1 June 2016

Word of the president

Micheline calls everyone for the annual meeting on July 10 at 10AM. We invited Milaine Richer-Bond to talk about all aspects of the regulations enforced by the municipality.


News from RAL by Pierre Cossette.

Water analysis and Lynn

Summary of the results of water analysis and a word about our great photographier Linn Carrs, by Pierre Turcotte.

Vol.26 No.3 December 2015

Word of the president

Micheline reports on the meeting with our conselor, Lise Lalonde. No news on the CTEL development and possibility of a new trail between Mont Blanc and Lac Sauvage.


Report from the last annual meeting of the RAL by Pierre Turcotte.

Gourmet Sauvage

Pierre Cossette is describing the nice things that you can see and get at Gourmet Sauvage, located at the Pisciculture.

Vol.26 No.2 October 2015


Meeting with St-Faustin employees concerning the environment, the beavers and repairs to the road.
Communication from the MRC about the public land around Lac Sauvage. Due to the level of development of the shore, no more public land will be sold for development along Chemin Victor-Beauchemin

Word from the president

Micheline Van Erum mentions the great success of the mechoui and the crossing of the lake this summer. She also welcomes the new residents, Marie-Andrée and Francis and reminds us that Mr Dubé celebrated his 105 th aniversary this summer.

Other articles

We also find in this Huard an article about the importance of washing your boat when you use it on another lake, an article about the type of garbage that can be collected by the municipality and the minutes of the last annual meeting.

Vol.26 No.1 June 2015


Annual meeting is scheduled for June 28, 10AM at 2641 Chemin Victor Beauchemin.
Wood harvesting on Blueberry hill is postponed for next winter
New show shoe trails on Blueberry hill were developped last winter
We will do more extensive water analysis this summer on the lake
COGECO's internet is awaiting an answer from the federal gov. for subsidy


A development committee was created to plan the future of CTEL. Pierre Turcotte is representing the RAL (and APELS) on this committee.

Dammage to trails

Hiking trails are dammaged in the spring by quad users. Please avoid these trails in the spring.

Septic tank group

Please add your name on the billboard if you want to benefit from the special price for septic system emptying on June 15


This article describes various methods to reduce the nuisance of mosquitos and black flies

Water filtration

The Berkey is a filter that can remove bacteria from the lake water.

Vol.25 No.2 October 2014

Water analysis

Results are listed for the 10 samples taken in July. Everything is good.


Milaine Richer-Bond, from the municipality, was interviewed by Pierre Cossette about the beavers. She recommends to keep the beavers on the lake.

Swimming across lac Sauvage

An annual event was started in 2014: the swim across lac Sauvage. There were 4 swimmers this year but we hope to see more next year.

Annual meeting

The same team of administrators continue this year at APELS. It was agreed to continue the control of beavers. The association will research the means to reduce the impact of mosquitos.


Pierre Cossette stresses the importance of following the developments on the planned high tension line that will be built along the actual line over lac Castor.

Water clarity

Results for the water clarity tests are listed.


The details of the Cogeco presentation at the annual meeting are described. We could possibly get cable TV, IP phone and high speed internet at the lake if there is enough subscribers.

2014 Mechoui

Some pictures of last summer méchoui, under the tarps...

Vol.25 No.1 June 2014 Huard EXPRESS!

Claudia gives a short description of the wood harvesting operations that are scheduled for January 2015. A map is provided. Philippe Jetté announces a potential project by COGECO to bring high speed internet on fiber to Lac Sauvage. These subjects will be discussed at the next annual meeting on July 6 2014.